2020 - 21 Season


Sno-King Community Chorale (SKCC) has actively moved into the fall quarter with projects that provide the Chorale’s family of singers with opportunities for member engagement and community outreach using online platforms.

The Board of Directors and our Artistic Director have agreed that no public performances will take place fall quarter due to the coronavirus epidemic. Instead, several creative projects are underway that will keep our skills sharp for the time when we can come back together to sing before the public.

We have not made plans for Winter/Spring 2021 yet due to the uncertain nature of the epidemic. Please check back and we will make updates as soon as we are able.

We are greatly appreciative of your patience as we work through the many challenges organizations such as ours are navigating in these unprecedented times. We look forward to a time when we can perform in public again.

VIRTUAL CHOIR: “And Wherever You Go”

Sno-King Community Chorale will produce a virtual recording of all members singing the Chorale’s signature piece, And Wherever You Go.  This virtual choral presentation will be featured on social media for the purpose of entertaining, inspiring and connecting with viewers.


In lieu of face-to-face rehearsals, weekly Zoom meetings now take place to introduce new choral selections for study. Meetings include sectional singing, fellowship, education and an opportunity to keep Chorale skills sharp for the time when the Chorale is able to hold public performances.


The Chorale will articulate words that describe first-hand experiences during the onset of the pandemic, transitioning through the tough times and finally finding hope for healing and recovery. With the help of a composer and lyricist the words will be turned into poetry and lyric/text. Lyrics will be set to music and eventually a fully developed composition will be completed for performance.


SKCC will provide a free virtual choir project for local high schools to participate in. Partnering with our community public schools will give all ages the opportunity to sing along together on social media. The Chorale will do the work – provide the scratch track (video recording) for upload as well as lots of voices for students to sing along with.