Frank DeMiero Music Scholarship Recipient

Herndon, Dain 2012

2021 Recipient Dain Herndon

Sno-King Community Chorale is pleased to present the 2020-2021 recipient of the Frank DeMiero Music Scholarship.  Dain Herndon, a second time winner of the scholarship, will graduate from Edmonds College in summer quarter 2021 and enroll in Western Washington University in the fall.  Dain is very grateful, and describes the timely impact of this scholarship. 

“Recently I was accepted to the Music Education program at Western Washington University in Bellingham, and summer quarter of 2021 will be my last quarter at Edmonds College, where I will be finishing up my Music and Audio Production Certificate. As happy as I am to have had such a great experience at Edmonds, I can certainly say I am beginning to feel the stress of preparing to move. However, receiving this scholarship has been what could be seemingly called a saving grace for me, as it will allow me to pay for guitar lessons, as well as receive piano lessons needed in order to prepare a piano proficiency exam at the University. Without this scholarship, finding funds to do this would have surely put more stress on my financial situation while adjusting to a move and looking for new work. I cannot express my gratitude for the timing of this award enough.

When I first met Frank DeMiero, it was a brief interaction at the 2020 DeMiero Jazz Fest. I had been awarded the first Frank DeMiero Music Scholarship 6 months prior, and at the time was singing with the vocal jazz group, Soundsation, which Frank himself had started. The memory of the interaction that we had will always stick with me, as I remember Frank’s words:  ‘Soundsation has always been about service…this festival would not happen if it wasn’t for them.’ The more I spent time with the group, the more his statement resonated to be true to me; and today I am always focusing on how I can serve others and put myself into service of a greater good. This simple testament however has made an extraordinary impact on my life, and I can promise that any good this scholarship makes towards my life, will only be given back to others in the best way that I can. Through music, teaching, and service.

Thank you endlessly for your support and encouragement.”

Dain Herndon, June 6, 2021


2020 Recipient David Hageage

The Sno-King Community Chorale is pleased to present the 2020-2021 recipient of the Frank DeMiero Music Scholarship.  David Hageage is currently a student at EdCC working toward an AA degree in music theory, and a certificate in music and audio production. He is the treasurer for the Ignite Fellowship Club at EdCC, and is a music tutor in the Trio student support center. Outside of school, he manages the music production for his church, and wears many musical hats at an outdoor music venue in Ballard.

David has an inspiring story of personal triumph and has arrived at a place of giving and compassion that is reminiscent of Frank DeMiero’s devotion to others.  Thirty-one years after leaving high school, he returned to complete his high school requirements for graduation in 2017.  He is on track to finish his program of study at EdCC at the end of this year and hopes to transfer to Evergreen State College. As he said in his essay, “I plan to spend the rest of my life giving back to society.”


2019 Recipient Dain Herndon

Sno-King Community Chorale is pleased to present the 2019-2020 recipient of the Frank DeMiero Music Scholarship.  Dain Herndon is currently a student at Edmonds Community College with a major in music education.  This fall quarter Dain was enrolled in Sociology 101, Symphonic Choir, Soundsation Jazz Choir, and the EdCC Jazz and Salsa Band.  He is also taking private quitar lessons.  Dain has said that Kirk Marcy, longtime director of Soundsation and and the Symphonic Choir, has already made a lasting impression on him.  “He told us to ‘sing to inspire, not impress’ and I am applying that to other areas of my life as well.”